Saturday, July 30, 2016

Lips Touch: Three Times by Laini Taylor

Three tales of supernatural love, each pivoting on a kiss that is no mere kiss, but an action with profound consequences for the kissers' souls:

Goblin Fruit
In Victorian times, goblin men had only to offer young girls sumptuous fruits to tempt them to sell their souls. But what does it take to tempt today's savvy girls?

Spicy Little Curses
A demon and the ambassador to Hell tussle over the soul of a beautiful English girl in India. Matters become complicated when she falls in love and decides to test her curse.

Six days before Esme's fourteenth birthday, her left eye turns from brown to blue. She little suspects what the change heralds, but her small safe life begins to unravel at once. What does the beautiful, fanged man want with her, and how is her fate connected to a mysterious race of demons?

Rating: 3/5 stars

BookTubeAThon: A book by an author you love.

Alright, yes. I know that BTAT ended on Saturday and that I’m super late to the party, but in my defence I started this book last week… I just got too bored and ended it now :/

I first read Daughter of Smoke and Bone about two years ago and absolutely LOVED IT! It was one of those books I adored everything about and enjoyed from beginning to end, something that doesn’t happen to me very often. Maybe it was because of this that I was wary of the second book. I mean, even though you love the first one there’s always the chance that it was just a fluke and the second installment isn’t as enjoying, right? But then on February I finally had the nerve to read Days of Blood and Starlight and I loved it as well! So Laini Taylor remained as one of my absolutely favorite authors since then.

I bought Lips Touch Three Times next to Dreams of Gods and Monsters earlier this year, but I had been afraid to read either until last week.
A.Because if I read DoGaM then the series will end and WHAT WILL I DO WITH MY LIFE?!
B.Because if I read LTTT then I would have one book less by Laini Taylor to be amazed with.

That’s why I decided to go with Lips Touch Three Times and get a small taste of her stories… and it was ok but nothing as good as I remember from her other books, which left me underwhelmed. There was nothing radically wrong with the short stories; the writing was beautiful and the narration imaginative, I was just too bored most of the times. There are three short stories in this 260 something pages and I was too BORED to even bother and finish the book all at once, or at least one story.
Had it not been for Laini Taylor I might have DNFed this one.

“Goblin Fruit” 2/5

This one was the most fun with the grandma’s commentary, but it only happened in one page and then it was gone. As far as story goes, Goblin Fruit was my least favorite. I liked the concept, a girl who wants something so badly she ignores what’s happening around her and the dangers of wishing to be someone else. I think it’s something a lot of people could connect with, myself included, but I just wasn’t feeling it. The narration felt too forced sometimes and even a bit ridiculous.
Not my cup of tea.

“Spicy Little Curses Such As These” 2,5/5 stars

I guess it was… ok? I didn’t hate it or was as bored as with the first story, but I couldn’t find anything great in it besides the concept that was overshadowed with boring story telling.
God, I sound like such an asshole.

“Hatchling” 3/5 stars

This was a bit more fun for me because of the three, Hatchling was the one that reminded me of Daughter and Smoke the most. But still, SO BORING! Usually Taylor’s writing can capture me from the first page, but I struggled a lot with all of these stories.

Overall, I enjoyed seeing more stories by this author because it’s clear that she has a wonderful imagination. But being her one of my favorite authors, these short stories were a disappointed compared to what I’ve read before.

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