Review Policy

Note: The Book Dreamer Blog is currently not accepting ARCs for review.

-I only respond to offers that interest me. That being said, my favorite genre is Young Adult, usually encompasing other genres such as, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery and Coming of Age.

-I write an honest review for each book I accept. I love reading and sharing those stories with other people, which is why I love reviewing. However, my views are my own and won't be influenced by anybody else. If you are looking for me to write a glowing five stars review and nothing else, I suggest you look somewhere else. If I dislike something about the book for a certain reason, I will point it out and explain my personal motives but I don't try to disuade people from reading said book, we all make our own opinions!

-If you prefer the review to be published for a certain date you can especify it when you contact me, but do not expect for me to read and review a book in within a week, for instance. At least a month in advance is my preferred time frame, though I do post my reviews early if I have the time.

-I accept printed ARCs as well as digital versions in PDF and EPUB. For printed copies, please remember that I don't live in the US, therefore the shipping cost will be greater.

If you agree with my terms, you are welcome to contact me via email at

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