Beta Reading Services

Hello there! Black Sheep BS Reviews offers a super affordable beta reading service for your writing needs!

My goal is to help authors tell the story they want to share by offering honest feedback on what works and what doesn't.
I prefer Beta reading Young Adult since it’s my favourite genre (that includes fantasy, romance, coming of age, sci-fi, etc) but I have also worked on New Adult and Erotica novels.

But in case you are wondering what the heck I can do for you, here are some examples:

-I can read your manuscript with a critical eye. That means not only stating my opinion on it but also the one of your target audience.

-I can point out plot inconsistencies, contradictions etc.

-Characters. This is a point I excel at since characters are often my favourite part of novels. Are your characters likeable? Relatable? Do they have a personality, a voice that can take readers in and root for them? This also includes character development through the story.

-Clich├ęs. Is your story original or does it rely on tired tropes that could bore the reader?

-World Building. Another point I enjoy very much in novels and one that it’s, unfortunately, often forgotten. How is the world in your novel? Does it make sense? Do you have fifteen countries and they all magically speak the same language and dialect with no explanation of why? I can help you polish your world into something that will blow your reader’s minds.

-Chemistry. In romance novels or simply books that have romantic relationships in them, the chemistry between the two characters has to be there so that the reader can fall in love with them too!

-And, most importantly, I’ll be honest and thorough. When I say this, it doesn’t mean that I’ll shred your manuscript, only that I’ll point out what works and what doesn’t while being thorough in my analysis. I read carefully and don’t leave anything unattended. I provide comments for everything both good and bad as well as discuss each chapter.

But here’s what I won’t do for you:

-I won't read graphic scenes of sexual assault or violence towards animals.

-I won’t re-write parts of your novel, or do anything else besides offering advice. If you are looking for somebody to write stuff for you, then you are looking for a ghost writer, not a Beta Reader.

-I will not write a review for it or promote your book. That’s up to you, my only service here is to beta read it.

-I will not force you to do something that you do not want to do. This is your story and I won't tell you to change it into something I would like.

If you read through all of this and still want to hire my services here is how to do it:

First, I charge $0,001 per word and there is no minimum words required, it can be 1000 or 100.000. My average time for beta reading is three weeks, especially when they are 100.000 words long, shorter novels or simply short stories will take less. 

If you have a manuscript you want me to beta read, you can contact me at


  1. Wowwwww. You'd really do this? D: I've been freaking out for weeks now because I fear not finding good Beta Readers (I have no idea where to even start looking)--this is really cool!

    I probably shouldn't get ahead of myself. Still mid-revisions. But I'll have something I can send pretty soon that you'll hopefully be interested in.

    1. Yes, of course! I have been doing it for a while now (years if you count fanfiction and fiction press hahah) and I really enjoy it, so I decided to expand a little bit.
      That's alright! You can send me what you want when you are ready :)

  2. Mila is an *amazing* beta reader. She completed a full MS for me, in about 3 weeks, and provided me with comments throughout my MS, as well as a separate 11-page analysis on my book. She did exactly what I wanted her to do--brutal, beautiful honesty, with constructive criticism that isn't along the lines of, "your books sucks, that's a shame." She gave me detailed, or at the very least general descriptions of what works/doesn't work, and what I should/could do to improve certain aspects of my MS. She focused on character/emotional analyses, coupled with world-building criticisms and general plot illogicals (new word of the day) and plot inconsistencies. She's probably one of the better beta readers I've come across, and her rate is reasonable, especially for the work she does. I plan on sending her back my MS once I re-edit it, plus the sequel. And I'm already fantasizing about my book being published and having her in the acknowledgements section. :P