Monday, July 20, 2015

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard Book review

The poverty stricken Reds are commoners, living under the rule of the Silvers, elite warriors with god-like powers.

To Mare Barrow, a 17-year-old Red girl from The Stilts, it looks like nothing will ever change.

Mare finds herself working in the Silver Palace, at the centre of
those she hates the most. She quickly discovers that, despite her red blood, she possesses a deadly power of her own. One that threatens to destroy Silver control.

But power is a dangerous game. And in this world divided by blood, who will win?

My rating: 4/5

Red queen was one of my most anticipated 2015 YA releases so, to say I was really looking forward to it would be an understatement.

Still, it was really, really difficult to stay from spoilers. Every post here and there, every manip and fanart had a little quote or opinion that, considering how everybody talked about a huge twist at the end, had me squeezing my eyes shut and just rolling away until the bad spoilers were far behind.

But I survived, and I got to see (spoiler free) if Red Queen would reach my expectations and, it did!!
You know that feeling when you are reading a good book that can’t let you go? You have to eat, study, that pesky sleep gets in your way too, but you just can’t stop because the mystery and the world is so compelling you want to get more of it?

That’s what happened to me with this story, the world, the people, the costumes and culture are intrigued and well fitted, I wanted to know more about it, to see where the road would take me and, yes, what that twist was about.

Red Queen is about a seventeen year-old Red girl in a world where Silvers, people with God-like powers and silver world rule over and enslave the reds, commoners with red blood. Mare is our main character, a thief that does what she can to provide for her family before she has to go to war when she turns eighteen, just like her brothers and any other red without a job or apprentice position. Mare has made her peace with it, accepting war as her fate and only wishing she can one day return home with all of her brothers… that is until her best friend’s teacher dies and without a job, Kilorn is now facing the conscription.

I thought it was interesting to see the MC not as a super powerful mega-character, or as the typical self-sacrificing MC we get to see in most YA novels but rather a scared girl with no particularly especial trait or ability that is accidentally thrown into a world much more dangerous than the one she was in.

After trying to escape with Kilorn and resulting in a bad move for her family, Mare comes across with a stranger who then gets her a job at the palace where she will discover she has a power, just like Silvers do, and Mare has to live in the palace as the prince’s fiancĂ©, pretending to be someone she’s not.

Still, of course Red Queen is not without its flaws, and some of them come from the main character herself, Mare. Mare has to leave her life behind to keep her abilities a secret, powers that make her a target for the Silver elite. She is torn between wanting her old life back and being capable of doing something to free her people from the tyranny of Silvers. Mare was the one who drove the story along but there were moments when I didn’t quite understood her motivations, or was in agreement with them. I thought that her discriminating Silvers for being what they were was rather ironical, considering that’s why she hates them so much in the first place, because they do the same to them.

However, I do believe this was due to the fact that the first book had to present the characters and plot, and it is in the next installments that we will see them grow into the roles they are bound to occupy.

That being said, I can’t fricken wait for the second book!!!!
Sooo prettyyyyyy...

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