Thursday, July 30, 2015

My Fake Fiancé by Helen Cooper Book Review

He wanted her for four weeks. Only she didn't really know why. 

TJ Walker and Mila Antonia Brookstone have known each other for years. He's her brother's best friend and she's admired his muscular body and handsome good looks since she was a teenager. Only he was never interested, until now. 

In a game of cat and mouse, TJ and Mila find themselves going back and forth like they always do, only this time something is different. They become closer on a summer trip to the lake house, only neither one really knows who is pursuing whom. And the secrets behind both pursuits are well hidden. 

TJ wants her to be his fake fiancé for a reason, but the reason she accepts might well surprise everyone. In the game of romance, can secrets ever truly lead to love? 

NOTE: This novella is a free prequel to the full-length standalone novel Four Week Fiancé, that will be released on June 23rd. It will also be included in Four Week Fiancé when it is released, so you can read it first as a free download or you can read it as part of the novel on release day

My rating: 3.5/5

After a few days of deliberation, I still don’t know what to think about My Fake Fiancé. On the one hand, it’s a cute and fun story good to spend the time. On the other hand, that’s all it has to it. There is no originality to it, no excitement or emotion since I feel I have read the same book hundreds of times before.

The writing was rather dull and cliché, there was no personal style to it, nothing to tell it apart from so many other stories out there. There were some sentences that were particularly cringe worthy, and I found myself laughing at things that… well, I wasn’t supposed to be laughing about.

“I can’t make your decision for you¸ Mila.” My voice was deep, some might say husky, as I looked down into her wide eyes.

I appreciate it when the author puts effort into describing their characters but putting words and adjectives that doesn’t make sense isn’t helpful to create a picture for us readers. And what guy would think that his voice was deep ad husky? It’s just weird.

The characters were alright but, again, there was nothing especial about them; virginal and whimsical girl who is confused on why the “hot” guy wants her, and an almost rude and distant dude who isn’t also very sure on why he wants the virginal girl… Mila and TJ had no hobbies, no likes or dislikes they weren’t characters but simply plot devices to move the story forward.

The plot, do I need to say it again? Dull, common and predictable. I usually enjoy these kinds of stories nonetheless, but when the characters and the writing aren’t good…

In the end, My Fake Fiancé is a good story to have some predictable fun for a while, but it is nothing especial in itself. I do hope that the next story (This is a prequel) is better because I do believe this has a lot of potential but was sadly wasted.

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